Blog traffic is easy but comments are playing hard to get

When developing your blog gaining readers and commenter’s isn’t the easiest task. First your article has to be interesting enough for people to stop and read and secondly the article has to be even more inserting for reader to comment. Comments are far few and in between so consider yourself lucky if you get one! I see many blogs that have developed some very active readers and most importantly they have built relationships with these people.

I’m new to blogging so I try to observe what the popular bloggers are doing to gain readers and comments. One thing I noticed and his is something I don’t do often is the blogger takes the time to reply to all comments left on their blog. This is extremely time consuming but appears to be mandatory in order to have a successful blog.  Recently I took the time to go back and make a reply all the comments people have left.

5 actions I seen taken by popular bloggers to increase commenting

1. Ask questions at the end of an article; try to engage your readers into the conversation.
2. Ensure you take the time to reply to their comments.
3. Ensure the content is interesting and of good quality.
4. Follow the blogger who commented, read an article of theirs and also make an intellectual comment.
5. Build a relationship and encourage the reader to visit again! Make them feel welcomed and always show respect to their point of view!

Blogging has proven to be the furthest thing away from easy! When I first started this blog I assumed it would be so easy to write an article daily but the truth is it’s extremely hard for me. Lately I’ve been pretty active and I’m trying to keep this posting consistent. I guess I just need to be inspired by something and then I can write. Today this article was inspired by a few articles I seen at blog engage and my hope is to someday be a little more like them.

5 actions I seen taken to a blog template to increase readers and comments

1. Adding the commentluv plug-in really helps get more comments but I’m starting to think this reduces the overall quality of comments left. Maybe not from all people but this seems to encourage non related “Great Post” comments.
2. Top Commenter’s plugin – this adds the top commenter’s to the sidebar linking to their web blogs! This motivates bloggers to comment when maybe they normally wouldn’t.  (I’m looking into this module)
3. The gravatar mod – anyone that uses gravatar will most likely comment. Some gravatars are a brand image this brand can be promotion for a blog site or person.
4. Allow all comments to have a do follow aspect. Let’s share the page rank juice! I’m not too sure if I’m no follow or do follow!
5. Add social networking images or badges! This seems to have a good response if the visitor if from that social networking website! When I seen the blog engage image or track back I always comment!

What are some of the things you do to encourage commenting on your blog? Do you offer cool contents rewards or anything like that? What about the ideals I presented today? Do you think they have potential to increase the comments I’m getting or the loyal readership I’m trying to create?

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