Brand Management

Developing a positive brand image

When joining social networking websites like, blogengage, twitter and facebook you have to remember this is the beginning of your brand management. This is a known fact no matter what your marketing be it your blog, products or services. What you have to do Continue Reading →

Reaching my target market for blog engage

One of the most difficult jobs I have as being the owner of Blog Engage is marketing my message to the correct audience. I know who my target market is but the biggest question is how to reach them. Over the past two years I have been marketing and building Continue Reading →

Blogging back to basics

Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog. This weeks article is in part of the blog engage weekly word challenge. This weeks word is blogging tips. Sometimes I find myself caught up in the moment. As days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months my personal blogging Continue Reading →

The difference between failure and success!

Today I will discuss with you ways in which you can increase your success rate when launching a new Website, Product or Service! This post will be the simple basics and will start your in the right direction to have success and prosper from your projects. Understanding Continue Reading →

What is new at blogengage

Over the past few months I have made some  little changes to our site that dramatically affects the way our site operates. For the longest time I was having major spam issues that forced me to change the way blogengage operated. See initially blogengage is meant Continue Reading →