Looking to buy a home in Kennewick Washington

When looking for a new home the question of security and being safe always comes to mind. The ironic thing is I’m not even talking about the house at this point. We want a website that is reliable and trust worthy to help us make management decisions on Continue Reading →

Looking for an old friend?

I think one of the greatest things about the internet is how we can keep in contact with people form our childhood, or old co workers and not even be anywhere near them. If’ your looking for a friend you haven’t seen in a long time or haven’t Continue Reading →

It’s all about balance and growth

With the Blog Engage RSS Service it’s all about growth for me. In fact it’s about growth so much that I actually see it from two different perspectives. First I want to grow my business, the actual amount of customers I have. I want to increase Continue Reading →

Improving the customer experience

One sure way to increase profitability of my current services is to continue growing them. As I move forward with the Blog Engage RSS Service I have to find ways to keep my customers happy. Realistically this is the only real business service I offer at this Continue Reading →