So my server went crash bang boom

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but I’m missing about 2 months of articles here on my blog. Over the weekend I spent most of my time trying to recover data from a USB Enclosure without success for my personal blog here at seomkt. Overall I’m not Continue Reading →

What not to do on your blog

Were always seeing posts regarding what we should do to help improve our blog so I thought I would mix it up a bit and suggest things we shouldn’t do on our blogs. Many bloggers have active missions to add millions of little things on their blog. The site Continue Reading →

Blog Engage Combats Pligg Spam Issues and Wins Hands Down

I know for a fact if the guys at pligg are reading this they are pissed off. I’m not sure if you read my latest article regarding my issues with the developers of pligg CMS software but needles to say it’s not been fun and has caused much distress within my Continue Reading →

Replacement of Pligg Software, Pligg Converters, Software like Pligg

Yesterday I was trying to purchase a module from the pligg module store but seeing I’m banned from their community I had to look for some random stranger to buy it for me. I was offering an additional 5 usd to anyone that would buy and send me the module via Continue Reading →

Big changes busy day today

I was going to be blogging about my Toronto Trip/Vacation but I’m actually really busy moving servers. I have about 8 sites I need to move by end of day so I get get a pro rated refund on my other Virtual Dedicated Sever. I was told if I could move all my Continue Reading →