Setting up your blog article for success

I’ve owned blog Engage long enough to know what makes for a successful blog article and what doesn’t. Not only do we have to focus on great content but we also have to put more emphasis on the structure of the articles in which we create. Setting Continue Reading →

Re examining your blogging values

I”m excited for this week writing challenge from blog engage. I’m going to examine my blogging activities and values to determine if I’m doing all of this to the best of my ability. Chances are I might find many things that need to be improved Continue Reading →

So you want to start blogging do you?

Many people think blogging is easy. They have this idea that they will simply write whatever they feel and perhaps earn money at the same time. Well the truth of the matter is blogging takes time, dedication and commitment. You have to build up trust and an audience. Continue Reading →

The Process of Developing a New Blog Article

As a new blogger I can easily say coming up with new content daily and ensuring it’s unique to my readers proves to be extremely challenging. The process in which I use to develop and produce these ideas is similar to the process used by many fortune 500 companies Continue Reading →