Get out and vote… Help me win Keller Hawthorne’s best blog design contest 2009

Over the last week I have been promoting Keller Hawthorne’s best blog design contest and asking all my readers to get out and vote for me. I’ve promoted on the largest of website forums and to date have gotten an amazing response from communities all over the web. Today I ask you once again for your vote. Voting is closing in less than 20 days so get out and please go vote for me. I don’t normally win these things but with my current blog design made by elegant themes I think I may have a pretty good chance. He does amazing work over there. Actually I’m in competition with other themes he has done. A total of 4 themes Nick developed has been entered into the competition.

Top Reasons you should vote for me

1. I’m a nice guy and do my best to help others

2. I offer a unique perspective on marketing and share all my tips

3. I created blogengage a place for us to submit articles and hang out gaining web traffic

4. My blog is all 100% do follow

5. Because you simply like how I am and support my cause

6. Because you know if I win I will use the proceeds to help promote blogengage a bit more for all of us.

7. I actually paid for my template and theme (which looks good)

8. If I was asked I woudl vote for you too (too late I already voted for myself)

Well I hope you take a moment head on over and vote for me. Anyone looking for the page you can find it here.

Vote for me here

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.

Add me as a friend, bbrian017



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