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Hi everyone, I’m very excited to announce the winners of our contests this month. We had a total of 19 contests and what an amazing turnout it was. Some customers decided to host their own contests so we didn’t reach the 25 but we still hit 19 which is awesome!

First I would like to thank our Business Plus Customers without them this wouldn’t be possible. If you haven’t already please take a moment and follow them.

Business Contest Sponsors

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Gold Membership Winners

Javeen Jeevan Jacob John is a young blogger who is passionate about helping others to blog better. He tries to teach his readers about networking, marketing and writing in a different perspective; to blog from a different perspective. You can follow him on Twitter – Blognetworking and on Facebook. You can also check his blog – Blog Networking 101

growwithstacy My name is Stacy and I write about blogging and entrepreneur tips through personal development at Grow With Stacy. I would love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to add me as a friend, growwithstacy. Pick up your free copy of 8 Wildly Effective Ways to Promote Yourself Online Today.

oddblogger my name is Abhishek Balani, my friends call me Abhi. I’m a computer science student and a future engineer. I share Best Blogging Tips on my blog, maintains a technology blog as well named Follow on twitter@abhibalani and like us on Facebook Be sure to add me as a friend on Blog Engage, OddBlogger

Astro Hi There my name is AstroGremlin, I am a writer for Blogs News Reviews. From mentors online, Astro learned the basics of blogging. From Ana Hoffman, internal linking. From Gera of Sweetsfoods, CommentLuv Premium. From Rob Cubbon, he learned to change font of the site. From Hesham, Ileane, Blogger’s Alchemy, and many, many others, he learned of community.

Komatsoulis Hi, my name is John, I’m the founder and creator of Learn About. My blog was developed to help share my 24 years of business and marketing experience with entrepreneurs like you. To show you how much I’d love to help, you can grab my 60 minute Free Coaching Call. Follow me on Twitter @LearnAboutUs like us on Facebook or circle me on Google +.

Modest Jeremy Biberdorf is a website marketer turned blogger. One day he came to a fork in the road and decided he needed to fix his financial future. So he started a personal finance blog called Modest Money and started the journey to financial freedom. Follow Jeremy on Twitter @ModestMoney, Facebook ModestMoney or Blog Engage

RaduDascalul Hello folks! My name is Radu Dascalul. I’m the creator of, a blog which focuses on providing creative solutions on blogging, social media and home based business tips.Let’s connect as friends on Twitter and Facebook and share more ideas about our interests. Be sure to add me as a friend on Blog Engage as well, RaduDascalul.

ben Hi there my name is Jason and I live for Christ, family, and technology. I run a technology blog SavageNomads and a personal blog BenwayNet, both sites are open for guest blogging. Please follow us on twitter @benwaynet like us on facebook, and I’m on Google+ too! Of course you can find me on blogengage, looking to meet fellow bloggers.

larry Storytelling has always been the hallmark of Lourcey Photography. From the fun personality series to the beautiful painted portrait, our images stand apart. We strive to provide you with timeless portraits that you will always treasure. Larry is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Texas Professional Photographers Association.

amrik Amrik Virdi is a young part time blogger from Kolkata, India pursuing his post graduation in MBA in HR Management. He is also a professional Web Developer, Graphic Designer and extremely passionate about Blogging. Monetize Blogging is all about blogging tips and tutorials blog founded by Amrik Virdi.

jacs I am an Internet Marketer, and am loving building a business helping people do the same as I do. It’s challenging and hard work at times (but fun!), but I work on my own agenda, and am in charge of my destiny. It pushes my boundries and brings a great sense of achievement through helping others to grow and succeed in their business.

TimArthur As the IT Director for Synecor, LLC, an incubator of medical device startups based in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina, Tim leverages his 15 years of technology and professional management experience to effectively lead Synecor’s technological endeavors and goals. Tim also Blogs at Tim Ponders

geekygyaan Hello, my name is “Jeet Dholakia” and i just completed my dual degree course i.e. B.Com and B.C.A (bachelor in computer application) from two different universities. currently living in “Aamchi Mumbai” i.e. in Mumbai,India.i am 21 years old guy and basically interested in computers.

jimewel I love marketing. I think it’s one of the most difficult and one of most exciting jobs in any company. I also think it’s one of the least understood jobs and sometimes least respected. Currently, I’m doing a number of things. My primary activity is my agile marketing consulting practice, which I call “Peel the Layers”, because that’s an apt description of how I work with clients.

jym Hi I’m Jym. Welcome to my blog. I’m not a millionaire, I’m not a full time ‘pro-blogger’, I’m not an ‘Internet Marketing Guru’, I am a blogger and entrepreneur, and I live in the beautiful rainforests of Tasmania with my family. I’m also a diligent and passionate student of Marketing, Blogging, Social Media and Personal Transformation, and I love sharing the things I’ve learned (and am learning) with like minded bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs and ‘web-enthusiasts’ from across the globe.

HollyJ On a good writing day, Holly Jahangiri claims (tongue-in-cheek) to be channeling the spirits of Edgar Allan Poe, Erma Bombeck, and O. Henry. On a bad writing day, she claims to have poured every last ounce of her creative ability and energy into childbirth, and has two wonderful children to prove it. You can find her on Twitter @HollyJahangiri, Facebook.


Congratulations everyone, welcome to our blogging community it’s such a pleasure to have meet you all and connected! Thank you to our business customers for making all this happen, this is huge and for that I want to say thanks! I will be setting up all the feeds over the next week. This is a lot for work for me so please be patient. When your all set up I will send you an e-mail and your content will be syndication.

Standard Account Winners

Welcome to our community, so what you dont’ win Gold but this contest has allowed you to enter our community and build key blogging relationships. You know we are the biggest and best so engage and chat with me if you have any questions!

Missed Winners

Yes I know I missed you, but I gave you two weeks to send me your information and you didn’t! Hey don’t fret, don’t worry, send me your info and I will update this post, add your information and set up your feed! Be positive your now part of the best blogging community online!


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