Hey CEO cheap SEO Marketing is not for you

Many CEO’s and Presidents think SEO Marketing is a joke and by investing as little as possible to accomplish these goals shows just that. Little do these large corporations know that paying little also reflects back on the quality of service they get.

Being the owner of a large social media marketing website I know the facts about SEO and when done cheap and cost effectively it looks bad on your companies brand image.

The Cheap SEO Firms Process

1. A Cheap out sourcing SEO firm is contacted
2. Deals are worked out (minimum amount of back links) (Guaranteed traffic hits)
3. Payments are made
4. Random websites get spammed including blogs and forum communities.

Little do the North American companies know but hiring a third party SEO company for cheap will bring your company more trouble then it’s worth. You can find these companies all over the web. Simply search in Google SEO Marketing Firms, or cheap SEO Marketing and you will see the abundance of scam SEO related sites.

How to ensure quality SEO work?

  • Ask how they build your SEO
  • Require examples to be shown
  • Ask for referrals of past clients
  • Require contracts to be signed
  • Request all information regarding back links

I know it’s not easy but sit back and ask yourself was marketing your products ever easy? Is working hard to brand and market your products something new in your career?

The answer is no so don’t expect to get out of this social media marketing movement cheap either. I have seen this form of online marketing many times but until today I was never successful at reaching the company. Normally you will see this for apparel companies such as UGGZ or even pharmaceutical companies that sell Viagra or other medications.

Earlier today I contacted a company that was out sourcing their SEO efforts and I left a detailed message with their marketing department. I shared my frustration in their SEO Marketing and asked the owner to call me with the contact information to the SEO firm.

The e-mail reply I got was as follows.

Brian, I apologize, I was unaware of my SEO firms tactics and I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.  I will have them cease this, since I know full well that it’s counter productive to my business.

So perhaps a lesson was learned here today. Maybe next time this company will think twice before hiring third party SEO marketing firms and if you’re considering cheap SEO marketing I hope you get to read this before signing the pay check.

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