How to make your blog mobile ready

After reading a few blogs regarding mobile accessibility I decided it would be a great idea to take the initiative and make sure my SEO and Marketing Blog could be visited by my friends using their cell phones. Now I don’t have a cell phone seeing I cannot justify the cost but some people and mainly my readers have a good reason for the extra expense.

So I found myself with overload of information plug ins and websites willing to help make my blog mobile ready. First I went with two suggested sites from a  blogger Deneil Merritt. He suggested we try and implement both MoFuse and Mobify. This wasn’t at the same time but he started with MoFuse and then suggested Mobify.

Personally I didn’t like either of these suggestions. See the service offered was great and the product works so this wasn’t an issue with the suggestion I simply don’t like a lot of work. Sure I want my readers to have the best experience but I also don’t want to set up special server side information to allow my viewers to visit using their blog.

So I continued my search. I was desperately in need of something easy and beneficial for my readers. After much research I found a plug-in built for word press named The dotMobi wordpress plugin. After I uploaded it to my server and configured it I had to make sure my visitors would enjoy this functionality and have a positive experience visiting my blog.


  • Theme Selection
  • Plug ins
  • Displayed Content
  • Mobile Widgets
  • Displayed Content

I started searching ways I could test the website even if it was using a cell phone emulation. I actually found 2 amazing sites I want to share with my readers. If you ever need to test your mobile ready blog I suggest the following.

1. Cell Phone Emulator

2. Mobile Blog Ready Test

After checking my blog and testing all the setting I managed to score a 4. I have managed to allow my cell phone mobile visitors to view my blog without costing an arm and a leg.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!



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