How to stop spam on your websites

Have you ever had to deal with unlimited amounts of spam submissions? This can include Comment Spam and Story Submission Spam.

I think the moral of the story here is how do we stop the spam?

The majority of spam these days is automated, non human interaction using website scripts and manual data entry from an insertion location point. Meaning you fill out the forms and they will spam over 40 or 50 websites for you.

Thankfully we have some options.

ReCaptcha – This software or script allow you to request users to input data seen on the screen to ensure they are a human.

WordPress Akismet – This software checks against other reported spam in the wordpress community and ensure the comment submitter hasn’t already been flagged as spam.

IP Address Banning – If you know enough about the htaccess file you can simply ban users or spammers by IP address. If this needs to be done you’re safe to say the people spamming you are human and enjoy driving you crazy during your days off.

Overall there’s not too much you can do to stop spammers from spamming your websites. Bloggers have it made pretty good but the majority of social networks out there get hit pretty hard with spam.

If your reading this and you had issues with spam share with my reader how you ideal with this. Not only my readers but I would be most interested in hearing your ideals.

For a minute I thought if I created a website for spammers they would leave me alone but it didn’t’ work so well

I created upspam which was designed for spammers and its working but not every spammer likes to admit their a spammer so it’s sort of a catch 22.

Any ideals or suggestion please share them with us!



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