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I”m very happy to announce I have successfully reached the minimum payout level with Affiliate Lights. Right now we only have the Blog Engage RSS Service to promote but it’s working and generate profits.

I have 11 sales with Affiliate Lights as opposed to my last article with 6 sales.

In the image below I display my year to date commissions. You will also notice I got commissions from my referral and this is under tier earnings. This means someone I referred to Affiliate Lights has gained a commission and that is my tier commission. All the income in my Affiliate Lights account is recurring meaning this is what I will be paid every month my referrals remain blog engage customers.

This is my tier management screenshot.

Here is my year to date commissions. Seeing Affiliate Lights is recurring I will continue to generate this income at minimum each month.

To get Affiliate Lights started in the right direction I’m offering all our new members a $10 USD sign up bonus if you write and article about Affiliate Lights and the Blog Engage RSS service on your blog.

Affiliate Lights has also reduced the minimum amount needed for a payout from 100 USD to 25 USD. I decided to lower the amount to make the program more attractive for our new members.

We have added more banner images for our members to use and hopefully this will help you create more sales. The Affiliate lights program has already gotten 5 sales within the first 3 days of operations. This is a great start and with your help we can create an even bigger buzz in the blogosphere.

When you write your article about Affiliate Lights make sure to use information from some of our already existing articles. I have added detailed information you should be sharing with your members regarding the value and benefit of the RSS Service.

Blog Engage Information Articles

Generate Affiliate Revenues with Affiliate Lights
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Join the blog engage affiliate program

Also make sure to get some specific information regarding the service on our RSS Service page, Blog engage RSS Service. Make sure to mention how we also syndicate content to blogserp.com and how we share our adsense revenues.

This offer is open to all new members. Simply contact me when you write the article and I will apply the $10 USD bonus to your Affiliate Lights account.


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