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Over the past two years I’ve been debating if blogging for a living is something I wanted to do. Actually allow me to rephrase that. I know I want to blog for a living but the true question is can blogging for a living allow me to live.

Compared to many bloggers just starting up and wanting this dream I have a slight advantage. I’ve managed to build tons of relationships over the past two years of owning and operating blogengage. I think this will help me build traffic and potentially be successful at blogging from home and working for myself.

This is officially my first article about this idea and will be the official launch date to my make a living from blogging plan. My goal here is to share all my ideas, thoughts and accomplishments that have allowed me to get where I am now.

I read two articles today that inspired me to continue working towards my online goals. More importantly these articles have motivated me to work at reaching a point in my online blogging so I can in fact be self employed and working for home. The first was from Pro Blogger Darren Rowse. The article was named, How I quit my day job and became a blogger.

I guess what inspired me was the conversation he had with a past friend. Something like 9 years ago Darren quit his job and this friend thought he was out of his mind. Little did he know that Darren was about to embark on the most successful business moves he could had ever made.

What I got from this is no matter how long it takes I should never lose my vision to be self employed. This can be by blogging for a living or creating my own business. What I have to do is never give up and this is what I got from Darren’s article.

The second article that inspired me today was from Daniel Sharkov named, 4 Blogging Tips or How to Lift your Blog Off the Ground. There’s two important points I wanted to take from this article and they are as follow, the first is time management. Clearly stated in Daniels article this is always an issue. We get distracted by other ideas or interesting things that take our attention.

Second is the amount of growth that is still available in the blogosphere. We have so much potential to be successful because blogging really has just started. Let’s focus on growing our blog and gaining new readers as the blogosphere continues to grow.

Because of these two articles I have decided I will give it my best to try and blog for a living. I will show dedication to my blog and continue growing it as we move through 2011. I’ll be honest I’ve only been blogging for two years so this is going to be a huge growth stage for me. I don’t know what to expect or what I should do.

I’m not sure how to generate enough income to live well or pay my bills but this will come. I am currently earning from my websites but it’s no where near what I need to be an online entrepreneur. As I grow and learn I will share these failures and success here with you on my blog.

Feedback and Discussions

Please do share your own online experiences. Do you wish to blog for a living or do you rather working for someone else? Is blogging something you thought would ever generate you an income? If your blog is generating income what has been most successful for you and why?


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