Improving the customer experience

Blog Engage RSS Syndication Subscription Service

One sure way to increase profitability of my current services is to continue growing them. As I move forward with the Blog Engage RSS Service I have to find ways to keep my customers happy. Realistically this is the only real business service I offer at this point and potentially the key to my success to blogging for a living.

The Service

I truly believe the Blog Engage RSS Service is a great value for it’s money. For as little as 1.99 I syndicate any blog feed into our community and related websites. When the authors article is pulled we send it to the following websites.


To keep my customers happy I plan on expanding the service to many more websites. As I build the Blog Engage RSS Service empire the product will become more attractive to new customers. I would also like to improve on other functionality including facebook and twitter integration.


Showing that I am committed to the Blog Engage RSS Service is key to my success. I need my friends to know this is no joke and the service being offered is very competitive in today’s industry. With our customers remaining happy and blogging friends earning this is a positive start to build the service up for success.


I will be looking at Video marketing in the near future. Sometimes the best way to sell an idea or service is to express your emotion an an online video. The video will be added to the products page along with updated benefits showing the services features.

Affiliate Lights

Currently Affiliate Lights is the only way I’m marketing with the Blog Engage RSS Service. I think this has the most potential because we offer a great deal to our members. This gives other bloggers an opportunity to make money while referring other bloggers to a service they will actually benefit from.

Feedback and Discussions

Please leave your feedback and let me know your thoughts. What do you think about my plans to improve the customer experience? How would you add functionality to the service if you owned it? Do you like the idea of affiliate lights? Is it something you might be interested in market for us?


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