How to increase your leads and gain new prospects

Continually winning sales leads and generating new prospects is a difficult task but unfortunately its detrimental to the longevity of your sales and marketing career. If you don’t produce leads you will soon be out of work. Today I will blog about ways to help maintain a positive attitude, win over leads and find new prospects.

First let’s take a look at some basic measures we should take to ensure we’re not wasting our time and most importantly our prospects time.

Quality your leads – Make sure the prospect has a need for the product or service you’re offering. Sometimes this is hard seeing you would normally have to speak with them. In some cases you can tell simply by researching the company. This includes browsing their website, searching for public information on Google, Yahoo or MSN, and or simply cold calling the company.

Qualify the market – When you start marketing your products or services ensure you targeting the correct market. This is of most importance seeing all your efforts would be wasted and exhausted with little or no return.  Do the research, target your market and then start selling your products or services. In simple terms don’t be selling vacuums to home owners with hardwood floors.

Determine your competition – Many companies don’t take enough time to see who else is offering similar of competitive products/services in the industry. Determine if your product or service has offerings the other competitive product or services don’t.

Basic Marketing Techniques

Ensure your product/service is competitive in the following areas.

Promotion – Ensure the product and service is known about. Market the product and service using the appropriate medians to reach your target audience for the most exposure.

Durability – Can the end consumer use your products without them breaking or not working properly. If I buy a truck I want to use it like a truck and not like a car.

Place – Ensure the availability of your products or service. Can it be bought without traveling far away? If you don’t have the money or resources to place your product close to the consumer consider opening an e-Commerce website. This could help your reach your consumer much easier and most importantly at a reasonable cost.

Price – Ensure your price is competitive with your competitor’s products or service. Remember you don’t want to take away from your profits to remain competitive. Sometimes it’s easier to add new functionality as oppose to reducing your price. If you can somehow make your product more functional than your competitors this would be the ideal solution to pricing.

Many companies under estimate the amount of work needed to properly market their products. Research on our competitors is of most importance. You must have a general understanding of how your target market works and operates on a daily basis to remain competitive and simply in business.

I know some companies don’t think in this way and that’s why I have come up with this list for you. Many companies don’t like to spend much money on Marketing so all these ideals and suggestions you could easily do yourself as a sales rep.

I know the economy is poor but you have to remember that someone, somewhere out there is a looking for your products or services so don’t give up.



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