Keller Hawthorne’s best blog design contest 2009

This is the last week you guys can vote for me so if you haven’t already voted for someone please take a minute and vote for my blog over at Keller Hawthorne’s best blog design contest 2009. My blog theme was designed my elegant themes a great designer and I’m hoping you can take a minute and vote for me. It’s named SEOMKT do an alt find and you will see it there available to vote on it. I have a nice little list below on why you should vote for me and my blog theme. Either way I want to thank you all however did vote for me it’s been a great run and I look forward to the 2010 contest. I also want to send a big thanks out to Keller for hosting such an amazing contest.

Top Reasons you should vote for me

1. I’m a nice guy and do my best to help others

2. I offer a unique perspective on marketing and share all my tips

3. I created blogengage a place for us to submit articles and hang out gaining web traffic

4. My blog is all 100% do follow

5. Because you simply like how I am and support my cause

6. Because you know if I win I will use the proceeds to help promote blogengage a bit more for all of us.

7. I actually paid for my template and theme (which looks good)

8. If I was asked I would vote for you too (too late I already voted for myself)

Well I hope you take a moment head on over and vote for me. Anyone looking for the page you can find it here.

Vote for me here

As always don’t forget to vote for me @ blogengage and if interested you can join my social group.

Add me as a friend, bbrian017



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