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Isn’t this the ideal situation for any blogger? We all want to learn new things, optimize what we have to get the most out of it and make money from our online marketing efforts.

This is what we all want from our online careers. We write, market and promote to only get notice make money and meet new people.

When I first started Blog Engage I had the greatest pleasure of meeting some of the coolest bloggers on the internet. I’ve meet so many unique people and many have stood out to me.

One unique blogger I’ve meet and would like to introduce to you goes by the name of Dan Lew. Dan has been an active member of the Blog Engage community now for quite a while and if there’s anything I’ve learned is that he’s a great guy who loves to share unique ideas on how to Learn, Optimize and Make Money.

From the age of 15 Dan was a self taught Graphic Designer, leaving school early to follow his passion he then worked with media agencies across Australia for 10 years. From the age of 25 up until now at 32 Dan had moved overseas to develop and expand his skills and since then has owned several internet companies.

Learn more about Dan and his marketing strategies. Visit his blog and learns how to Make Money in a more affordable and profitable manner.


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