Marketing, Promoting and Mass Advertising leads to Success

I get this question a lot, Brian how did you do so well with your social networking website. I can’t imagine how you managed to get 4000 members in less than a year without spending a penny on Marketing or Advertising. Can you share anything that will help build my blog awareness?

To be honest the process it very fragile! To truly Market and Advertise to your best ability you better be dedicated. This isn’t a simple task and should take about 2 or 3 hours of your time per night!

Where can you advertise your blog?

Blog Catalog – Blog Catalog if used correctly can be the best thing you ever did for your blog. With an outstanding Blog Directory and Social Network Blog Catalog proves to be the most active community of bloggers on the net. Blog Catalog allows you to create groups which can be for your blog or anything else you want. You can send mass announcement to your members informing them off website changes and more.

Mybloglog – Mybloglog is a community of bloggers that share, add, meet and send messages! The big thing at Mybloglog is promoting your blog or blog articles by messaging people inside your groups. With MyBlogLog you can also easily create a group for you blog or again anything else you wish. Unfortunately you can mass e-mail members but you can however send mess messages to their MyBlogLog account.

Entrecard – there’s two major features of Entrecard. First we Drop our card. This allows a blogger to know we took the time, visited their blog and dropped our card onto theirs. At this point the will flow you back to your blog using the dropped card link and will usually drop their card on you. The second is the availability to rent the Entrecard 125* 125*- add space. When you rent the spot your Entrecard is placed on their blog and when clicked it links back to your blog.

Blog Engage – Blog Engage, allows you to submit your Blog Article(s) that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the main page. When a user submits a new Blog Article(s) it will be placed in the “upcoming blog” area until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the main page. The ideal of Blog Engage is to promote interaction between bloggers by “Engaging” with each others blogs. Interaction that builds up quality comments and interactive discussions! Not only is Blog Engage a Social Networking Website but it also have a very live and interactive Webmaster Forum attached to it. In addition to that Blog Engage also has a Free Blog Directory.

Digg – Digg is a social networking community that offers a chance at a massive amount of targeted traffic. The issue with this site is getting to the front page without cheating is almost impossible.

Reddit – Similar to Digg Reddit offers a service that allows submission of ones blog articles or blog website. Again it’s hard to get published but when you do look out the traffic flows in.

Web Master Forums – Webmaster Forums are always a great way to promote your blog. There are many ways including, marketing forums, SEO Forums, and more.

Twitter – To be honest I just started using this site and don’t have much experience using it. The general idea is to post short messages in real time to anyone who is there listening or reading. URL’s seem to be okay I have already added a few in my messages! Regarding a response or measure as to what the site will do for traffic I am yet to know.  Keep visiting I’m bound to blog about it eventually.

the best advice I can give is never give up! Build relationships and comment on other blogs! Practice these tips and your blog will soon be know by many more people you would have ever thought.

Best of luck to you all and have a safe weekend!

Brian B

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