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I’m very weak and untalented when it comes to graphic design. Creating images is simply not my thing. I’m busy coding and marketing so I don’t have time for the images and like I said I just suck at dong them. I was lucky enough to meet a good friend early on in my online adventures that knew images and trust me he knew them very well. In exchange I offered links from my websites and this satisfied his needs. He never asked for anything really he just enjoyed helping me out. Sometimes I would accept paypal payments from his customers seeing he had issues getting an account and would purchase namepro money for him at namepros.com

When I got this new theme here on my blog and I needed several new social .png images made for my social networking accounts. I asked Fico and again he created the images for me asking nothing in return. So again I gave him some free links but seriously it’s nothing compared what he does for me regarding the design work. Man he’s been helping me out now for 2 years

I e-mailed Fico yesterday pretty much offering anything in return for all his help and he asked if I could help him understand how to create quality page rank with his website and rank higher for targeted keywords. I was happy to hear this seeing over the past year or so I’ve gotten pretty good at understanding what Google likes and dislikes. What steps to take in order to develop target organic traffic. So today inside this post I will be discussing the steps need to take in order to have a higher page rank and increase your blog serp.

This is for you Fico

Increase your page rank

To increase your page rank I have a few suggestions you should take into consideration. Nothing here is set in stone and with regards to SEO watch what you do and how fast you do it. Grow your domain name with a natural growth rate to avoid the Google sandbox.

Create Related and Relative Backlinks

Join some webmaster forums and look for bloggers or website owners that are willing to exchange links with your website. Create these links within your target niche and make sure the text used for these links are target and keyword loaded. As an example over at blogengage I use the following for my images.

<a href=”http://www.blogengage.com”><img src=”http://www.blogengage.com/images/blogengage80x15.gif” alt=”Blog Engage Blog Forum and Blogging Community, Free Blog Submissions and Blog Traffic, Blog Directory, Article Submissions, Blog Traffic”></a>

Age of domain

Don’t buy and sell your websites. Hold on to them as your website ages so does your Google Authority. With time your domain name earns respect and will rank better for target keywords.

Submit to web directories

This should be done with much attention. First you need to confirm the web directory passes your SEO inspection.

  • Is the web directory ranked well in Google
  • Are the pages caches in the Google tool bar
  • What is the page rank of the web directory
  • Is the directory do follow

Create and Submit a Sitemap

Site maps I find are more for static html websites. If you’re running a wordpress blog you can skip this part. Trust me Google will find your pages using any SEO option for url’s in wordpress. Static html web site owners this is extremely important for you. You have to submit your internal website links to Google. There’s a good chance Google robots will naturally cache your website but to ensure this is being done simply submit the sitemap.

Developing and creating quality page rank and SERP is a fighting battle. You may rank well today but we work for tomorrow, and tomorrow is a new game. It’s an ever changing environment that is competitive and fierce. People are trying to rank for the same keywords so you have to play smarter and hard then ever. Take the time and sign up for the Google Analytics and Webmaster Program. This will help you to monitor and track your growth and potential targeted keywords and rankings.. Continue implementing these suggestions and eventually you will have a high page rank and great SERP.

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