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Another week passes us and I find myself once again blogging for the Blog Engage Weekly Word Challenge.

This weeks word is Themes and Designs. I’m going to take this opportunity to share with you the amazing collection of premium wordpress themes and designs I have found during my time online.

I have managed to compile an amazing collection of reliable and quality wordpress theme designers. I will be including all of my referral links so please support the blog and me if you decide to make a purchase by clicking my links.

The first theme designer I want to share with you is Nick from Elegant Themes. Nick has an amazing support forum for ally our support questions. His work is original and the best part is the amazing price for a year subscription. ti’s only 19.99 a year and you get full access to all of his themes.

My next favorite when it comes to WordPress themes and designs is Chris from Studio Press. Yes Studio press is a little costly but this also makes the themes a little more unique. Seeing the price is higher less bloggers purchase them allowing your blog to have a somewhat unique look and feel.

Another great wordpress theme and designer that can help your blog stand out is WP Zoom. They offer amazing quality designs and also have great support for your customization needs. They have a lot to choose form and could bring your blog to the next level.

The next themes designers is pretty new to me and I haven’t seen their themes in action but after taking a good look at their WordPress line up I think even the best of bloggers would be happy with their themes and designs. I introduce you to Blog Oh Blog.

My next suggestion has been in the game for some time and has built a great and positive reputation for their selves. Woo Themes has managed to penetrate the wordpress themes market and offer a very competitive them and template service for bloggers all over. Make sure to check their inventory out before going and buying something else.

New to the Word press themes and Designs club is Simply Fresh Themes This is actually being started by Keller Hawthorne from fresheventure. She’s been working hard to launch the themes website and has a set planed open date for very soon I think.

Change the color, fonts, call to action buttons, and even page layout! A highly-modified Theme Options panel allows you to choose between six (6) unique layouts.

I’m also suggesting you have a look at the Squeeze Theme. Squeeze Theme Main Options panel will allow you to build an unlimited number of squeeze pages. Then, you just test and use the ones that outperform the rest. It really saves a MASSIVE amount of effort in testing!

If you have any questions be sure to ask me here. I’ll do my best to answer them.

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