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Yesterday I was trying to purchase a module from the pligg module store but seeing I’m banned from their community I had to look for some random stranger to buy it for me. I was offering an additional 5 usd to anyone that would buy and send me the module via e-mail. I’m banned because they are rude, inconsiderate and arrogant. The support is terrible/rude and for an open source project I have no respect for the team and it’s integrity. phpbb software is a good example of a supportive open source software community.

Next thing you know pligg signed up and posted a message stating anyone that helps me or buys the mod will be in violation of terms and services agreement by redistributing an item from the pligg pro shop. I thought this was pretty funny. It’s amazing how much these pligg people hate me and are jealous of blogengage becoming so successful without their help. For the record it’s not re distribution seeing someone will be buying it for me not buying and reselling it.

Let’s take a step back in time and explain how we got to this point of no return. When I first started working with the pligg software it was extremely basic and came with little or no functionality. (still does) They simply offered an out of the box piece of software and charged you an arm and a leg in order to buy any modules. So the core software was free but anything cool or interesting you needed to pay money for.

I was very much against this movement seeing I’m a huge fan of open source software. You will notice all my site are open source software. Pligg boasts that their offering is all open source and it is until you want to try and make a success of your spam filled pligg site. So needless to say I was more then open with my opinion continuously got into verbal confrontations with developers looking to make money from the open source project. Some would go as far as calling me the modern day Peter Pan in a software sense of course.

Eventually after many arguments and discussions I was banned and removed from their website. Please also take note I was a donor and had donated money to their cause seeing I really love open source software.

After my ban I was worried how I could successfully run blogengage seeing I had little or no experience with the software. Luckily for me I managed to make a lot of friends within their community. Perhaps even more friends then they had themselves and got much e-mail support.

While all this was happening pligg was having their own internal issues. Ash Digg the main developer of the site announced he was in fact removing himself from the project due to conflict of interest. Ashdigg has the same opinion as me and was not interested in profits but more less an open source community project. He then started to branch from pligg and created Social Web CMS. The project also developed a module that allowed pligg users to convert to their Social Web CMS platform.

I did upgrade to the latest release of Social Web CMS but eventually moved back to pligg as I enjoyed their platform a little more and also liked the direction pligg was going. Today I’m running the latest version of pligg and plan on staying with them for sometime.

The point of this article was to let people know how rude and inconsiderate their community is. If you’re looking at starting a Social Community or CMS I would suggest taking a look at any other platform then pligg. If you don’t believe me simply go into the forums and read. You will see the rudeness in the answers from support staff and more.

Suggestion of software to use in replacement of pligg.




Social Web CMS

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