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I’ve owned blog Engage long enough to know what makes for a successful blog article and what doesn’t. Not only do we have to focus on great content but we also have to put more emphasis on the structure of the articles in which we create.

Setting up the proper and most comfortable reading experience will help improve overall traffic, returning visitors and comments.

Keep your sentences short

Keeping the structure of your sentence short is so important to your readers. You may not know this but the average human has difficulty retaining information that is long winded. Use periods in your sentences and make then as short of to the point as possible.

Organize your article sections

Separate your paragraphs by catchy titles. This will help keep your reader focused on the topic at hand. It also allows users to skim your content much easier when looking from something in specific. Adding a unique title before every paragraph also puts your readers into the proper mindset before reading the paragraph itself.

Everyone loves bullets

Using bullet points in your articles can help in many ways. Remember anything you can do to benefit the reader and encourage comments is of most importance to us. By adding bullets we can improve the readers experience as follows,

  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to follow
  • Well organized
  • Top points stand out

Add Placement

Do what you want in this situation but I know everyone is trying to make money when blogging. I must admit I think the way I have my article set up with the ad in the top right is the best way. Having two ads on the top of an article page is to much in my opinion.

Feedback and Discussions

Do you like to create a natural flow or some sort of structure when writing your posts? Do you have an issue reading an article that is long winded and or has one huge paragraph? How do you structure your blog articles and do you do it to attract new readers and comments? Let me know your secrets and how it’s working out for you.


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