So my server went crash bang boom

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but I’m missing about 2 months of articles here on my blog. Over the weekend I spent most of my time trying to recover data from a USB Enclosure without success for my personal blog here at seomkt.

Overall I’m not too disappointed seeing I haven’t been blogging much anyways so I maybe lost 20 articles at the most. None the less a loss is a loss so I will try to write a few times over this month to get some more new content for everyone to read.

So what have I learned over the last 48 hours?

1. No matter how sure you are create weekly backups
2. Stop being lazy and saying I’ll do it later.
3. Don’t get out of the habit and stop making backup.
4. Back up your data to your PC instead of the server.

Creating weekly backups will help you keep data and content in case of situations like I had arise. Make sure to back up your system as often as possible and download it to your personal PC.

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