So you want to start blogging do you?

Many people think blogging is easy. They have this idea that they will simply write whatever they feel and perhaps earn money at the same time. Well the truth of the matter is blogging takes time, dedication and commitment.

You have to build up trust and an audience. So much marketing and promotion goes into gaining readers. The time and dedication that goes into your writings is also important. People want to know you are a credible source of information.

Starting your own blog also comes with a large learning curve of html editing and server management. You have to understand this is a new realm you’re entering and at times it can become over whelming and difficult.

Always coming up with unique or original ideas to write about is hard. This is one of the main reasons I started the blog engage weekly word challenge. I wanted to challenge bloggers to write on topics they aren’t use to. I wanted them to have to think out side the box and open their imaginations.

Personal Suggestions

1. Use wordpress. It’s an amazing platform for blogging. If you want to test the waters and see if you like blogging take a look at one of my newest projects name blogging wire. It’s a social community of bloggers you will fit right in.

2. Get a nice theme. I’m a huge fan of Nick from Elegant Themes. He has an amazing collection or really nice word press themes at a very low cost. You have to look the part you want to play. It’s like putting on a suit for important business meetings. Nick also has an amazing forum for support and customization.

3. Join many blogging networks and start marketing your blog. The more traffic you get the more chances you have of gaining new readers. I created blog engage and it’s an amazing environment to market your blog and meet new bloggers. Be sure to stop in and say hello.

4. Build Relationships. I swear by this method. Don’t get upset if it takes time or you get rejected at first. The majority of bloggers are really nice and open for communication. The blogosphere is a great place to be and as your blog grows so will your relationships. Don’t burn bridges and keep moving forward.

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