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Lately I have been making some changes over at Blog Engage to help our active members get promoted easier and more efficiently. See the idea is to help other bloggers promote their blogs. We like to encourage commenting and social Engagement.

What is Social Engagement?

Social Engagement in short is a way to share your latest article with other bloggers at multiple social networks. This means when you submit to Blog Engage and your article is published our members will digg, stumble, mixx, tweet, tweetmeme, twittley, plugim and more. Blog Engage has a unique feature that allows members to easily share articles. Under all article submissions you will see a “share this” link. This will open a small section showing over 50 social networking websites you can submit that bloggers articles too. The social sharing section will look like the screenshot below. To see this you have to select the “expand view or select the discuss link on the Blog Engage main page.


Why did we start doing this?

We need to help each other succeed with our blogs. Having a community where we can gather and engage with one another social submitting each other’s content is perfect and ideal for us all.

How do active members benefit at Blog Engage?

We made some changes in the community that allow the most active, updated and commented article to continue to hold the front page position at Blog Engage.

How does this come into play with Social Engagement?

When you digg, stumble, mix, tweet, re tweet, or twittley you should be posting a comment on that article. This will let the user know you engaged with their article and this allows encourages the member to do the same for you.

Well I hope this really makes you guys consider using my social network. I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to help promote our selves and I really think this Blog Engage Social Weekends is the way to go.

If you’re interested you can even add the Blog Engage Word Press Plugin! This allows you to add the Blog Engage Image to you blog which encourages readers to submit your content.

Blog Engage Word Press PLugin

Get more images

Hope to see you submitting!


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