Success “Blog Engage” Runs for The Cure

Hi everyone, today was such a success as Blog Engage ran for the cure in North Bay Ontario to help fight breast cancer. For the past four years Blog Engage and I have asked our community members to sponsor us and all the proceeds go towards finding a cure to Breast Cancer. In total since we have started this event we have been able to collect over $1500 dollars towards the cause.

Just below is a picture of our local Mayor All McDonald and myself. It’s always inspiring to see him come out and support the cause every year. In my opinion he’s by far one of the best Mayor’s we have seen here in the North for a long time. He’s always engaged within community events and supporting the locals.

One of my favorite things about the event is when the people running bring their pets and have them all dressed up. Below is a nice picture of two dogs dressed in pink showing their own support for a world free of breast cancer. They are just too cute when all done up like this.

Another yearly tradition is “The Wall of Hope” All the community supporters come together and sign the wall in hope of a future without breast cancer. As you see below many locals within the community have come out to support the cause this year. It’s very inspiring to see all the signatures and to know this many people care.

It’s always nice to see the bear come out to support the cause. I’m not to sure if I’ve actually seen him before so I took a picture this year so I could easily remember for next year. It was funny seeing him try to run the 5k… Good luck in that heavy costume right? But the bear worked hard running and walking eventually finishing the 5k in support of a cure for breast cancer.

I would like to send a special thank you for the contributions I received from our Blog Engage members. Thank you so much for everything you do in supporting me and the cause. Thanks to CIBC for hosting this event every year. Also thank you to KIA Motors and East Side Mario’s for bringing the free food and water, without everyone’s helps and support we couldn’t do it.

On a final note, I was asked several times who I was running for as I left my shirt blank and without a name. My answer was simple, I was running for a future without breast cancer. I was running for those who dream of a day where there is no one left to run for, I was running for a future without breast cancer.

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