What separates blog engage from the rest?

I’ve owned Blog Engage now for over three years and one of the biggest beliefs I have is to do on to others socially what you would like them to do on to you. Blog Engage has a very unique policy that requires all members of the community to Vote, Tweet, Continue Reading →

What’s in it for you?

What is it someone looks for within a blogging community? Do they look at the communities members? Do they look at the websites Alexa rank? Are bloggers only interested in revenue sharing communities? Are they looking for niche only websites? Are they intending Continue Reading →

How to promote the Blog Engage RSS Service

I’ve had many questions from online friends on how they could successfully promote and sell the blog engage RSS Service. For that reason I’m going to compile this article that will demonstrate how to sell the RSS Service and promote it on your blog. First Continue Reading →

Improving the customer experience

One sure way to increase profitability of my current services is to continue growing them. As I move forward with the Blog Engage RSS Service I have to find ways to keep my customers happy. Realistically this is the only real business service I offer at this Continue Reading →

I reached minimum payout with Affiliate Lights

I”m very happy to announce I have successfully reached the minimum payout level with Affiliate Lights. Right now we only have the Blog Engage RSS Service to promote but it’s working and generate profits. I have 11 sales with Affiliate Lights as opposed Continue Reading →