Re examining your blogging values

I”m excited for this week writing challenge from blog engage. I’m going to examine my blogging activities and values to determine if I’m doing all of this to the best of my ability. Chances are I might find many things that need to be improved Continue Reading →

Using Blog Engage to Market and Promote

Developing your blog takes much time and dedication. Creating unique content on a daily basis can be an overwhelming task for even the most advanced bloggers. We have so many responsibilities from design, development, structure and the work continues to grow as Continue Reading →

Front Page Wednesday at Blog Engage

Today is the start of a new idea. Today is the start of a great idea that’s going to bring traffic, comments and new readers to our blogs. I would like to encourage all my readers and blog engage members to participate with me. The goal is easy but will require Continue Reading →

What is new at blogengage

Over the past few months I have made some  little changes to our site that dramatically affects the way our site operates. For the longest time I was having major spam issues that forced me to change the way blogengage operated. See initially blogengage is meant Continue Reading →

Social Interaction Builds Blog Traffic

As you socialize you increase brand awareness and as your brand awareness increases so does your blog traffic. Deciding where to spend your time socializing in today’s market requires great thought as this will be where your blog traffic is originated from. Continue Reading →