I’m officially on vacation

So I officially took a full week’s vacation from work. I’m relaxing and enjoying the week in Toronto right now and all the article you will see on my blog this week have been done in advance. I will have to catch up on comments and stuff when I get Continue Reading →

How to generate blog traffic using Blog Engage

Depending on how much time you have to market your blog social networking websites geared towards bloggers might be for you. See what happens here is a social website specific to a bloggers allows you to pick and chose the blogs you want to comment on individually Continue Reading →

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Seems these days we have less and less bloggers around the community. Over the past few days I was going and moderating all the links that lead to dead blogs over at Blog Engage and to my surprise I ran into a large amount of dead and non existent blogs. Over 30 Continue Reading →

How to manage and maintain your blog

When I first started blogging I never knew the amount of work I would have to put into it in order to maintain and manage an active and working blog. As bloggers we all know it’s not as easy as it looks. There’s a lot of work put into the up keep of our blogs Continue Reading →