Cold Calls

How to get past the gatekeeper or secretary

When trying to make a living from cold call sales you will soon learn that having a love hate relationship with administrative secretaries or gatekeepers will be part of your every day life. I’ve been in the industry now for almost 4 years and to date Continue Reading →

Understanding the needs of your prospects

When determining what the needs are of any prospect you have to do extensive but limited research. This means you have to find detailed information regarding the prospect but you might not need as much as you think. You simply need to finds the important facts Continue Reading →

Economic recession just in time to earn your sales stripes

This is our time! If you’re worried about keeping your job in the Sales and Marketing industry this may be your time to succeed. Don’t let anyone tell you sales are low due to this recession. Work harder than you ever worked in your life. Make three times the Continue Reading →

How to manage follow up sales calls and call backs

It’s been three years now that I have been working in marketing and sales and to date the most interesting part of my job has been mastering the follow up calls and call backs. See it takes talent to accomplish this part of our jobs. Many things can go bad or Continue Reading →

Avoid the Gatekeeper at all costs!

If you work in sales and marketing you fully understand the wrath of the gatekeeper. This is a term used from administrative secretaries that keep sales representatives away from making there sales pitch to the president. This is normally done at all costs. During Continue Reading →