Simple way to generate simple blog traffic

I recently tried a new way (for me) to generate traffic and it worked really well but I must warn it’s a little time consuming. I’m not too sure about long term as I’m still in the the middle of practicing this technique. If you’re going Continue Reading →

It’s nothing unique, It’s called hard work

Engaging with other bloggers is easier said than done. For example it’s easy to say you will follow your visitors back to their blogs and comment but actually doing it is much harder then most think. Over the past two weeks I have literally forced myself Continue Reading →

How to generate blog traffic using Blog Engage

Depending on how much time you have to market your blog social networking websites geared towards bloggers might be for you. See what happens here is a social website specific to a bloggers allows you to pick and chose the blogs you want to comment on individually Continue Reading →

Blog traffic is easy but comments are playing hard to get

When developing your blog gaining readers and commenter’s isn’t the easiest task. First your article has to be interesting enough for people to stop and read and secondly the article has to be even more inserting for reader to comment. Comments are far few Continue Reading →