Social Media

We all need intelligent marketing services

Marketing is needed for any business to become successful. Finding a company that covers many aspects can be very difficult. Understanding how to take the information and apply it into something profitable takes special skills and abilities. Your best bet is Continue Reading →

What separates blog engage from the rest?

I’ve owned Blog Engage now for over three years and one of the biggest beliefs I have is to do on to others socially what you would like them to do on to you. Blog Engage has a very unique policy that requires all members of the community to Vote, Tweet, Continue Reading →

Developing a positive brand image

When joining social networking websites like, blogengage, twitter and facebook you have to remember this is the beginning of your brand management. This is a known fact no matter what your marketing be it your blog, products or services. What you have to do Continue Reading →

Learn and grow with social media

I’m very happy to announce that the blog engage weekly word challenge is back. Anyone interested in joining us simply follow the above link and read over how it works. From the moment we awake until we go to bed our lives are surrounded and filled by this Continue Reading →