Simple way to generate simple blog traffic

I recently tried a new way (for me) to generate traffic and it worked really well but I must warn it’s a little time consuming. I’m not too sure about long term as I’m still in the the middle of practicing this technique. If you’re going Continue Reading →

Five Brilliant Ideas for Traffic Generation

The life of affiliate marketing business depends on traffic. No traffic, no site to exist. It will help you increase your click ratio and sales commissions. Here are the 5 ways to drive visitors to your website: Blogging Like a web diary where you can write Continue Reading →

Top webmaster forums for marketing and promotion

Today I will share with you some of the Top Webmaster Forums on the net! I’m not adding any crap in this post so if it’s not here, it’s nowhere! Also I could have simply never discovered it yet as well! I’m at many forums on the net and most of them Continue Reading →

Get more from your blog marketing efforts

Inspired by this weeks writing challenge my article demonstrates how to get more out of your current marketing efforts. Social media marketing has come a long way and when used properly you can earn more and generate more traffic to your blog. Twitter: Networking Continue Reading →

What to blog about?

Do you ever have those days where it’s like… wow what should I blog about today? This is the exact type of day I’m having. Perhaps it’s this whole long weekend 3 days off thing that messes me up but I found myself actually starting to write Continue Reading →