SEO writer for hire, get quality content on your blog

I know as much as the next blogger coming up with unique ideals on what to blog about takes time, dedication and commitment. Unfortunately like many of you I don’t have time for all three aspects. What’s the next best thing to your own written content Continue Reading →

Blogging back to basics

Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog. This weeks article is in part of the blog engage weekly word challenge. This weeks word is blogging tips. Sometimes I find myself caught up in the moment. As days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months my personal blogging Continue Reading →

How to be the best of guest bloggers

It’s obvious the most important aspect of blogging is marketing and promotion. Sometimes these activities have to play  aback seat when it comes to guest blogging. It seems many bloggers have forgotten guest blogging isn’t about marketing and promoting Continue Reading →

The Process of Developing a New Blog Article

As a new blogger I can easily say coming up with new content daily and ensuring it’s unique to my readers proves to be extremely challenging. The process in which I use to develop and produce these ideas is similar to the process used by many fortune 500 companies Continue Reading →

My first blog in advance article!

I really think this blog in advance thing is going to workout for me! I can now set aside the proper amount of time to blog in advance and when I have time I can still blog in between my normally scheduled releases. I’m thinking the hardest part now will be the Continue Reading →