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Sometimes taking a step back and looking at other concept regarding Organic Traffic is a good thing. There are many different concepts and ideals on how to increase your Google, Msn and Yahoo traffic and for this reason we will look at the Top 10 Article on the net regarding Organic Traffic.

The first article I found was from Pro Blogger named How to Herd Organic Search Traffic to Your Blog. This is an intense article and might be a little over bearing for my readers and maybe even myself. Not only does this author speak about how to place well in Google they also discuss using tools in order to generate the best and mast target keywords! This is definitely a good read and I would suggest it 100%

The second article I came across was named, Organic Traffic Building: The Only Way to Grow a Sustainable Web Brand. This article speaks about social networking and creating unique content! Overall a great read and something should be learnt from it!

The third article I found was named, How to Generate Organic Traffic to Your Site. This article is extremely simple and was a great read! The author speaks about unique content, using keywords and how to examine your current set up to see if you can optimize more on your own blog rather than your articles!

The Forth article I found is a little off topic but look at Organic Traffic as a way of income and in general a way to increase your profits. Titled Organic Traffic worth way more than PPC & Paid Traffic.

The Fifth article I found was again related to Organic Traffic and it’s pretty specific regarding the importance and understanding which is named, Blog SEO Part 1: Organic Traffic. Seems there’s a documentation of the results like I’m starting here at seomkt so it might be worth browsing the blog to see what else is offered!

From reading these articles you should have a better understanding on what Organic Traffic is and what you could potentially do with it! You should also have a good understanding of Keywords, Unique content and how to rank inside Google’s top 10!

Over time you should be seeing me up there and I don’t predict it will be long! I will continue to write about these articles and eventually Google will love me too! Best of luck to you all and don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have!



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