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I was given this theme from an online blogging friend, entrepreneur and so far I must say I love it. The theme specific options are very unique and allow for easy customization.

The gift was from Keller Hawthorne from fresheventure dot com. She runs two online e-commerce websites and a personal online business blog. Thanks for the gift Keller I really like it.

I’m excited to continue the growth of my blog using this theme. I hope you all subscribe to my feeds and look forward to my future articles as much as I do.

Soon you will all have an opportunity to purchase this easy customizable theme. I suggest you all head over and actually sign up for the affiliate program. I’m betting the theme’s going to sell fast. Make sure to put it top spot in your sidebar and let your readers see it.

I’m going to be adding a nice header logo. I’m not sure when but it’s on the to do list. Maybe I will try and find someone in the blog engage blog forum to help me. I cannot do images haha!

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