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Were always seeing posts regarding what we should do to help improve our blog so I thought I would mix it up a bit and suggest things we shouldn’t do on our blogs. Many bloggers have active missions to add millions of little things on their blog. The site takes a good minute or more to load and with many tabs open you could potentially crash your browser. Guess what… if you do this there’s a good chance you will never get another visitor returning to your blog. Take a moment, read my suggestions and leave a reply about other things that may bug or distract you.

Live Running Music

I’m sure it’s a a great song but seriously do not auto play music on your blog. Truest me you may be the only person who enjoys it. Also it takes resources from our pc’s and could cause or browser to freeze or even crash.

Live Running Video

Perhaps one of the most annoying things when visiting a website or blog is live running video. Simply stop it and remove it from your website.

Pop-up Ads

If you have pop up ads that’s it your over. I would say 90% of the visitors going to your site will leave if you have a pop up ad and will never return on purpose again.

Full Page Ads

Personally I cannot stand full  page ads that take over a website. If this happens during my visit I normally never return to the site. I have one website that does full page ads but it’s a site specific to organic traffic so I don’t care about the end users as it’s meant to generate me a profit.

It’s very easy to apply these suggestion to your blog. If you want to keep your readers longer then simply do as I suggest. Think twice before you add anything to your blog and ensure it’s not going to affect the visitors reading experience.

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