What to consider when writing a blog article

I have written many articles in my time. I’m not boosting I know where my writing skills are at lol.  In general  what does one need to consider when writing a blog article? Every time I write I try to add my own special  uniqueness. Considering I’m not strong in writing every new article provides it’s own problems/opportunities.

Since I’ve been blogging I’ve noticed everything needs attention. You will need dedication and some if not all of the following attributes,

Personal Opinion: With every article comes emotion and opinions. Don’t become over bias, take all things into consideration and provide a fair and valid write up. Don’t be a push over either stick up for what you believe in.

Character: Some sort of personal character will be needed. You have to bring something special to the table and integrate it into your writing style.

Style: Your writing style integrates places and things creating visions for your readers to picture the story in their minds.

Unique Content: Provide something new, unique and fresh to your readers. If they already know about it, you might be wasting your time. Always stick to your niche in some way.

Class: Make sure you respect all parties in the article. I’m not a fan of making fun of or writing bad about anyone in specific. (I try not to anyways) I try to keep my differences for public forums.

Knowledge: Detailed information about your topics is necessary. Have some subject knowledge but no one expects you to be  a professional.

Appearance: Your blog template means a lot to blog readers. I’m not very impressed with the current template I’m using but it’s free and I use if for this reason. Your theme can determine how you style your articles!

The road is long and without the proper techniques and tools we can’t expect much from out efforts. The harder we work and the more detail and focus we give towards our articles the more response we will get.

Blogging Road

Marketing and Promotion

Where do we market our blogs. This is amongst the biggest question of all. To find the right kind of resources in one article would be elite.I’m a personal fan of Twitter, BlogEngage, BlogCatalog, bloggeries, and MyBlogLog. Create as many connections as you possibly can when writing at your articles. Trust me you can never have too many online  friends.

Other Major Social Networks include, digg, reddit, and stumbleupon.

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Three Things to Remember

1. Try your hardest

2. Don’t over work

3. Show you care

Blogging was meant to be fun at some point. We all want to enjoy what we do in life and the same should apply to blogging. Try to continuously improve on what you write and your readers will see the efforts.

Well it’s late and I should get going If you enjoyed my blog say hi and post a thought with a comment!

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