Would you risk your job for your blog?

Sure, maybe this question should also include website or online activities but the question still remains the same. Would you actually risk losing your job or career to continue your online activities?

Many people take their online blogging very seriously and perhaps only enjoy their current career because it allows them time throughout the day to participate in their online social media activities.

What would you do if suddenly your internet activity was being tracked and your favorite websites started getting banned from web surfing filters? What would you do if you could no longer work and play online?

I assume this is a big question for many people that have online activities and or online blogs. Owning a blog can have negative affects on ones career. Learning how to separate the two can be difficult and at times the beginning of the end for your career.

For me the answer is yes. I would risk my career for my online activities and my blog because it’s the one thing I truly love and enjoy doing. I don’t think my wife would like this answer but I truly believe my online activities would lead to a far happier life then my career would ever offer me.

I also believe that I have more potential for success with my online activities. Perhaps it’s not from my blog or from other websites I own but it’s the social networking aspect that can lead to bigger things in life, greater opportunities.

Being happy is really important to me and right now in my life I’m a happy man. I enjoy my job, I enjoy my online activities and nothing will come between the two. The only thing I would never trade is my family. So far it’s just my wife and I but soon we will have children and perhaps my decisions would change with these types of new responsibilities.

Right now I have little or no financial obligations so the impact of losing a career would be minimal. This isn’t to say I don’t respect my career and job I’m just saying if I got canned I would be just fine and would land on my two feet very fast.

If I was to lose my job I don’t think I would look for a new one right away. I would give online blogging a full time opportunity for at least 60 – 90 days. I would try to start earning full time from online activities. As I think about working as a full time blogger and get really excited. This is something I’ve always wanted to do but just justify it to my wife.

Take a minute and let me know your thoughts. Would you risk your job for your blog?


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